Nathan's Movie Reviews (2002)

Nathan has a few things to say. Quite the movie critic, here are his opinions on various shows. If you want to know what a 6 year old thinks of a particular movie, you have reached the right place.



Spiderman is my favorite. The only part that was stupid is when he "went like that" (trying different moves to get his webbing to come out). "That was so annoying!"


Power Rangers

Lost Galaxy is the best because the Blue Ranger is the best. He can charge everyone. It's kind of weird because they have swords instead of guns.


Winnie the Pooh

 ... it's a baby show. I can't believe Jessica likes it. She is like five. Me and Jessica are about the same size.


Samurai Jack

It's not very good. It's just weird. Wanna see how fast I can run? If I hold my hands like this, I can run faster...


Elmo in Grouchland

This is good. This is good. That is so funny... The chicken says, "Will you stop moving around? I'm trying to eat you and you're giving me gas! See what I mean?" That's the best part. It's so funny!